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One Punch KO
Teen gets his nose broke with one massive left hand from a much bigger teen.
Nerds Fight At School
Two white nerds beat the hell out of each other in the hallway at school.
Spit on the Face
The guy had to do was scoop him up and drop him and keep punching in the face or something
Mugger Gets Brutally Beaten !!
Well he deserves it for trying to mug a poor little old lady.
Short Guy In Stripped Shirt KOs Bodybuilder !!
I think he is spending too much time in the gym and needs to go out in the real world.
Two Punks Street Fighting !!
The guy in the colored shirt beats the guy in the white undershirt until he does not want to fight anymore and wants to go crying home and suck his mother's tit
White Boyz Fight At School
Two white boyz beat the hell out of each other in a crazy fight at school.
Owned In Street Fight
Two latino teens fight in street and one of them gets slammed hard.
Skater vs Security Guard
The skater is everntually is captured by the security guard liek some kind of feral animal.
Two Latino Chicks Fighting Among Flowers !!
This is one serious cat fight
 2 HOTTIES KISSING AT a bar (7336 clicks)
White Girls Fight In Class
Two white girls go at it in the middle of class and one of them gets bloody nose.
Baddest Chick Fight Ever
These two girls beat the hell out of each other til one of them gives up.
Girl Fight In Field
Two teen girls beat the living hell out of each other in an open field.
Girl Fight In Street
Two Latino chicks beat the hell out of each other in the middle of the street.
The Bigger Guy Starts Hitting and Pushing The Twerp. What Next ??
The twerp lands a big hard right and sends the big penis crashing down. Deserves him right he should pick on someone with a smaller nutsack
KO In Garage
Teens box in garage.One of them swings wildly and gets knocked out.

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