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Skater Fight
Guy beats up four punks in a parking lot for insulting him
Fight Category:
Hockey Fight
Two players go at in a short but vicious brawl.
Fight Category:
Schoolgirl Fight
Two girls mix it up in a crowded lunch room.
Fight Category:
Hockey Fight
Hockey players beating each other up.
Fight Category:
Hockey Fight - One Punch
It's fucking crazy how they just let fights happen in hockey.
Fight Category:
Midget Bull Fight
Why midget women should not bull fight !! (18+ ;)
Fight Category:
Lawn Cat Fight
This is one of the best cat fights ever posted on dumpalink. Make sure you watch the last 5 seconds of the clip, they are brutal!
Fight Category:
Fun with laptops
You don't have to turn your laptop on to have a good time with it…
Fight Category:
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Skier Caught In Avalanche
Skiing the unmarked slopes may keep you away from parents who think their little bundle of snowsuit should have free reign of the trail... but it could also get you buried alive!
Fight Category:
Top gear: jaguar vs. harrier
The Top Gear guys decide to jump an old Jaguar off an aircraft carrier. Man, I wish I had such expensive toys!
Fight Category:
Happy Feet 300
The cutest, most whimsical movie of the year mashed up with one of the bloodiest. It works a lot better than you might think…
Fight Category:
Choke slam
Little kids wrestling imitate what they see on TV: 8 year old choke-slams another kid into the ground.
Fight Category:
Van crashes in to cop car
Speeding van smashes into parked cop car, nearly nailing officer.
Fight Category:
Flying Fiats
Two cars wreck massively in the exact same spot. Major air-time ensues.
Fight Category:
The unibrow song
There was this kid in my high school who had a unibrow. He went to Japan as a foreign exchange student and asked everyone to call him "Shark".
Fight Category:
Terminator vs. bear
Hercules (Arnold Schwarzenegger) fights a 600-lb bear (man in bearsuit). How did this not get an Oscar?
Fight Category:

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