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Kimura Side Control Shoulder Lock
The Kimura Side shoulder lock attacks the shoulder from the side control position.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Omoplata Shoulder Lock
The omoplata is a great move to pull if your kimura fails. It uses your legs to trap the arm and apply force with your entire body.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Kimura Shoulder Lock
The Kimura is part of the hammer lock or key lock family.A classic submission, it uses a figure four lock on one arm of your partner and then applies force to the shoulder jointt.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Hiji Gaeshi
Hiji Gaeshi is a elbow twisting technique that allows on to get behind a person quickly.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Nikkajo (Wrist Lock)
The wrist lock or nikkajo control is one of the most common wrist locks in jitsu systems. It can be applied from almost any grab. The wrist lock works very well because it attacks one of the smallest joints of the body (the wrist) with your entire body weight.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Ude Garami (Arm Entanglement)
Ude Garami is what some jiu jitsu practitioners call a hammer lock or key lock. It ties up your partners arm by using both of your arms and body weight to send them to the ground. Standing submission is then applied.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Maki Hiji (Winding Elbow Lock)
Maki Hiji traps the elbow and puts tremendous pressure on on the elbow and shoulder joints. This move can be used with a high rate of success for escorts and arresting techniques.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Ude Gatami (arm lock)
The standing arm bar (ude gatami) is a classic self defense move which can be used against grabs or even punches. Using arm trapping and body weight, you are able to lock up your partner's arm from a standing position.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Thumb Lock - Hand Shake
The thumb lock works on the same principle as other jiu jitsu moves (joint pressure and immobilization). This is a simple and very painful small joint manipulation
Fight Category: Fight Training
Arm Bar - back Control
The arm bar from back control is another arm lock that seemingly comes out of nowhere. What appears as a possible choke quickly turns into a very tight arm lock.
Fight Category: Fight Training
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Arm Bar - Guard
The arm bar from guard is a great submission from what appears to be a submissive position (the guard). Proper hip control and creating angles is the key to its success.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Arm Bar
The arm bar from the mounted position is one of the most common submissions found in jiu jitsu and MMA circles. It has a high success rate due to position and speed of the attack.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Shoulder/Elbow Key Lock
The Scarf Hold side shoulder lock is a great submission and control. It uses the legs to create pressure on the elbow and shoulder.
Fight Category: Fight Training
The Crucifix
One of jiu jitsu's most requested submissions, the Crucifix from side control....
Fight Category: Fight Training
The Rack
The Rack places pressure on the neck and the arm for a dual submission! The rack falls in the crucifix family of submissions.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Hip Throw (Koshinage)
The classic hip throw from jiu jitsu, the koshinage is used in many different situations.
Fight Category: Fight Training

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