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Syriam Kids Slap the Eachother
I think the teacher was teaching them how to slap eachother.. non the less this is funny in a weird way?
Fight Category: Fights
Teacher gets beating
A good beating in a Saudi High School is better than an American High School shooting. Learn from the masters fools!
Fight Category: Fights
UFC Fight Little Guy Vs 600lb Monster
What's that little guy trying to prove? Run little man, run!
Fight Category: UFC/Pride
Triangle Choke from arm bar side control
If you can't get an arm bar from side control, try using the triangle from this position.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Triangle Choke or Sankaku Jime
Using your legs in a triangle and trapping one arm inside, you apply this classic jiu jitsu choke.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Arm Triangle Choke
This is a great choke to pull from the mount if your partner is not paying attention.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Anaconda Choke
Using your arm and trapping the arm of your partner, you use his shoulder and compression to choke.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Hadaka Jime or Rear Naked Choke
The classic choke used by Royce Gracie in the early UFCs, this choke is used by all jitsu styles and can KO someone in about 4 seconds.
Fight Category: Fight Training
The Neck Crank
The Neck Crank is applied to force someone to open their guard or tap because of pressure on the neck.
Fight Category: Fight Training
The Crucifix -Back
The Crucifix is a submission your don't want to get caught in. It can apply 600 lbs of force to your neck and head area. It ties up the arms using both your legs and upper body, leaving your hands free to apply the neck crank.
Fight Category: Fight Training
The Crucifix
One of jiu jitsu's most requested submissions, the Crucifix from side control....
Fight Category: Fight Training
The Rack
The Rack places pressure on the neck and the arm for a dual submission! The rack falls in the crucifix family of submissions.
Fight Category: Fight Training
 DAVE CHAPELLE AS PRINCE playing hoops (4397 clicks)
The Stockage is a defense against a rush or take down. It ends up with top control and a neck crank.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Heal Hook
The heel hook is a devastating leg lock that traps the leg, twists the heel and destroys the knee. The heel hook is a move which has little "pain" until the point where the tendons snap. This move is not allowed in many competitions.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Ankle Lock
The ankle lock is a basic leg lock which attacks the calf or Achilles tendon using a figure four arm lock over the affected area.
Fight Category: Fight Training
Banana Split
The banana split is a wrestling move which can be turned into a submission. It basically spreads the legs in either direction. An unorthodox submission but good nonetheless.
Fight Category: Fight Training

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