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Street Fight Knockouts - KO Baby
Some of the great KO's floating around the internet are in this fight compilation. Love it.
Fight Category: Fights
Bare Knuckles Fight Production
Most these guys can't fight for crap. But some guys get messed up, badly on this video. Worth watching.
Fight Category: Fights
Russian Fight Behind School
This is intense, you will never see a fight like this in America.. Well at least where I live that is. Too bad ;-/
Fight Category: Fights
Canadian News Reporter gets Attacked!
Good ol' Peter Silverman of "Silverman Helps" defends himself pretty good against a crazy Eye Doctor. Don't get your eyeglasses there!
Fight Category: Fights
Jerry Springer Food FIght
so this guy has a food fetish and he's cheating on his wife. this is what happens.
Fight Category: Fights
WFC cage fight in somerset ky
Brad Scholtz fighting, matt hughes was the special guest ref. at the event..not much else to say i dont guess
Fight Category: Fights
Cro Cop Knocked Out - UFC 70
This is gonna take you right to the result of his last fight. Enjoy. :-)
Fight Category: UFC/Pride
Girls Getting Street Fight Skills on
Well only one gets her skills shown the other gets her head beat in. Stupid White girl though she could beat up the Black girl... Dumb!
Fight Category: Fights
Street Fight Breaks Out
This guys nose gets popped like no other. I could hear it even with this crappy camera.
Fight Category: Fights
Two Morons Fight - Crazy...
These guys keep going, They seriously must have no brains and less after this fight... Not sure what is actually going on but it is entertaining.
Fight Category: Fights
 2 HOTTIES KISSING AT a bar (7336 clicks)
" White Mike Tyson" wins in Cage Fight
John Phillips the "white Mike Tyson" smashed a well known boxer in a Cage fight. This kid is from the same camp as Zelg Galesic and James Thompson. Watch out for him!
Fight Category: Fights
Submission Fighting Open 12
MMA tournament in Macon, Georgia at 135 pounds. Fighters are Scott Farhat, David Mitchell, and Charles Nutt.
Fight Category: Fights
Partizan vs Hemofarm Basketball Brawl
Partizan vs Hemofarm Basketball fight 20s before end of game ...
Fight Category: Fights
Plane Crash - Air France Flight 4590
All 100 passengers and nine crew on board the flight, as well as four people on the ground, were killed.
Fight Category: Crashes
Roller Blader meets car!
Another Crazy rollerblading accident when will these guys learn! hes lucky he isnt dead
Fight Category: Intense Sports
6 Black Girls Brawl After School
When Six girls start brawling you know some man was involved. Thats just the facts of life. On a side note these girls are beefy.
Fight Category: Fights

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