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Girl gets knocked out cold in Boxing Round
This women gets owned in 42 seconds of the round. Clean knockout.
Fight Category: Babes
Olly Watson vs. Junior Herbert - Boxing Ko
This guy looks to be knocked out 4 times over. Sucks for him. Great victory.
Fight Category: Boxing
Boxing in Backyard Gone Doggy Style
This kid gets beat down t hen humped, by a dog, That sucks.
Fight Category: Funny
David Haye knocks out Tomasz Bonin
David Haye powered to a blistering first victory on his heavyweight debut with a first-round stoppage of Poland's Tomasz Bonin at Wembley Arena.
Fight Category: Boxing
Girls Wrestling in Instant Potato
Girls this time are wrestling in Instant Mash Potatos.
School Bully Gets One Punched
A school bully picks on a kid about half his size during recess. The bully pushes the kid up against the school wall and the little guy throws a mean hook knocking the bully unconscious.
Fight Category: Street Fights
2 Round Cat Fight
These Chinese girls get it on in 2 rounds. Some Great Head shots.
Fight Category: Cat Fights
Girls Throw down in Idaho
These girls get it on in the middle of nowhere... It might even be a cow farm. But it is a great fight and lots of punches.
Fight Category: Cat Fights
Forest Griffin Beaten to Pulp -- UFC 66
The fight looked about even the Forest Griffin makes one wrong move and Jardine takes over and bashes Griffin's Face in. Great punch combonation with force. Amazing KO.
Fight Category: UFC/Pride
 DAVE CHAPELLE AS PRINCE playing hoops (4400 clicks)
Amazing Knockout - Masakazu Satake vs Richard Reina
The Japanese guy was getting his a$$ kicked till he knocked out the black guy stone cold. I didn't like Richard Reina to begin with he was too cocky.
Fight Category: Boxing
Korean Guy gets Knockout in PRIDE Match
This Korean guy gets knocked out then somehow get sup in his "daze" stage and tries to continue to fight but the ref called the fight. Sucks for him.
Fight Category: UFC/Pride
Greatest Boxing Knockouts Compilation
This video shows off all the great knockouts in the last 10 years.
Fight Category: Boxing
Tae Kwon Do Sparring
This Korean guy takes this Greek man out with some huge kick to the face.
Fight Category: Fights
UFC 54 Randy Couture vs Mike Van Arsdale 3rd rnd
UFC Fight between Randy Couture vs Mike Van Arsdale
Russian Wedding Brawl
These girls go insane. Ive never seen a bride behave quiet like this!I wonder what sparked this nightmare of a wedding brawl!
Fight Category: Cat Fights
Russian Girls Catfight
Slap filled cat fight with these hot Russian girls
Fight Category: Cat Fights

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