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Recruiting Techniques
Well this is what our country has come down too, To get the boys in the military. Its what guys want. Babes...
Fight in Sweden Between Young and Old People
I don't understand a word of this, but thankfully old people punching young people doesn't really need a translator.
Fastest Knockout
The bell rings and 20 seconds later....all right, thanks for coming folks! Please validate your parking on the way out.
Girls go to blows!
Girls will be viscious and difficult to control. As in previous fights the hair pulling is still consistent.
Swim Girl Fight
Sweet girls try to hurt each other.... pulling hair kicking kneeing... one girl winces in pain and the other girl rips his bathing suit!
Fight Category: Cat Fights
LA Kings VS Ottawa Senators BRAWL
La VS Ottawa hockey brawl that happened in the 2001 nhl season. These are all the fights.
Fight Category: Sport Fights
Friday Night Dual Fight
Two couples lay into each other! this is what happens when people talk crap!
Fight Category: Street Fights
Drunk vs. Stoner Fight
In this fistfight, A drunk fights a stoner
Fight Category: Street Fights
Cafe Owner Fights a Customer
Not sure what this guy did but the cafe owner seems to be pretty sick of him.
Big Brawling Girl Fight
Girls of that size shouldn't be wearing clothing of that size. Someone tell them that big girls wear baggy and black, not skimpy and pink.
 SUPER BUSTY BLONDE CAM girl! (6800 clicks)
Jujitsu Sensei
If you ever find yourself before a huge Jujitsu fight in a foreign land, and they ask you what color you want to wear, always say blue.
Crazy Chick Fight
This girl fight draws quite a big crowd and not one person was willing to step in to stop them until one was basically done.
Crazy Gang Fight
Gang Fight outside the club from the network
Fight Category: Gang Fights
Two Men Street Fight
Drunk men in funny battle...
Fight Category: Street Fights
Drunken Street Fight
Two drunk idiots trying to fight but failing miserably....
Fight Category: Street Fights
Two Drunks Fights
After a drinking at the TX Rodahouse in El Paso this guy decides to fight his friend in the parking lot and gets knocked out without a punch!
Fight Category: Street Fights

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