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Blake gets his butt beat by a girl
The title says it all- Little girl with pink gloves beats up MMA fighter Blake Bowman. I was there, he cried
Fight Category: MMA
Girls Cage Fight
Chick fight in the cage. the one in red never fought. the other has fought a few times in the cage...
Fight Category: MMA
Sexy Back Tatoos
How sexy are those tats on women?
Hot Chick fight... from another country
2 extremely hot chicks fighting. I don't know the reason, but it is really entertaining watching it :) girl keeps going back for another piece of the action!
Fight Category: Cat Fights
Generator Bar Fight In Prince George
Guy completely owns the other.... fight continues for a long while his face must have been jacked the next morning!
Fight Category: Street Fights
Ghetto Night Night
Night vision video of two guys beating the tar our of each other... starts out with a pretty awesome tackle! guy in the hat dominates!
Fight Category: Street Fights
Chuck Liddell gets his butt kicked in PRIDE!
Like many other UFC fighters, Chuck Liddell could not survive in PRIDE (the big leagues of MMA) and had to take a pay cut and go back to UFC
Fight Category: UFC/Pride
An Old Fashioned Fist Fight
This kid apparently was done getting his ass kicked, then came back for more, and got another ass kicking.
Dudes Beat the Hell Out of a Guy with their Bikes
I can honestly say that I planned to die having never seen someone get beat up by various bicycles to the face. What a great day this has turned out to be.
Welcome Home Son
A very powerful message put out by the ford motor company. This is video will make you cry and realize what our kids are doing for all of us....
Slow Motion Food Fight
Why are there hundreds of news channels nobody cares about and not one devoted to sweet Japanese game shows?
Multiple Street fights!
This is quite the melee in the street. There are even some police officers trying to control one individual while there are still a number of fights going on around them.
The Rock Returns With Mick Foley 2 Fight Evolution
World Wrestling Fight from spike tv The Rock Returns With Mick Foley 2 Fight Evolution
Fight Category: UFC/Pride
Crazy Gun Fight
A video of a gun fight between a guy with an ak-47 and the entire police force (and no it's not the LA shootout).
Fight Category: Cops
Bareknuckle Pikey Fight
A prize fight for 10'000 between two Irish bare knuckle travelers. This is just a video of two guys throwing hands. It's nothing more. Comparing them
Fight Category: Boxing
St. Patty's Street Fight 2007 Gaslamp Part Two San Diego CA
Fight in the GASLAMP San Diego Saturday, March 17, 2007 St. Patrick's Day Alleged patrons of a popular restaurant in the Gaslamp leave without paying and end the fight outside The Belo night club.
Fight Category: Street Fights

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