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Parking lot Bikini Girl Fight
This is what happens when girls talk crap.... bikini parking lot fights! This s a pretty good fight very hott! lots of talking crap all out girl brawl love it! the main girl really gets taken!
Fight Category: Cat Fights
Dual knocks kid out twice
Randy the savage dual knock out of the same kid... crazy cage fighting mma stuff... i cant believe this kid goes back for round two or can even walk!
Fight Category: MMA
World Junior Hockey Fight-1987
A fight breaks out during a World Junior Hockey game between Canada and Russia in Piestany, Czechoslovakia(1987). big team vs team fight.
Fight Category: Sport Fights
Crazy Hockey Brawl
Really long and huge hockey fight the goalie and another player go at it at first and then it breaks into an all out brawl.... blood and all , referees stuck in the middle!
Fight Category: Sport Fights
Houston Alexander vs Keith Jardine
A great fight from UFC 71 featuring Houston Alexander vs Keith Jardine.
Skater knocks out cop during skateboard competition
A skater whacks a cop in the head with a skateboard and knows him out cold.
Two crazy Black Girls Fight!
"Why do guys do this? What is so appealing to men about a cat fight?"
Fast Chick Fight
This is one fast and furious girl fight... man watch out for this girl, she is vicious.
Big Girls in Little Outfits Fight Hard
A couple of Wildabeasts in skimpy little outfits scrap eachother hard. Probably fighting over the last chicken wing.
 FEMALE POWER (3481 clicks)
Chicks Catfighting
Janette and Shandy get into it. Hair-pulling, slapping, leg tangling catfight. Starts out a little slow then gets pretty crazy
Fight Category: Cat Fights
Hard Russian Street Fight
Hooligans fight Russia two mobs converge on each other crazy stuff (not the infamous fight) a new one! this is an awesome fight!
Fight Category: Gang Fights
Russian hools fight Spartak vs. Loko
Organized fight between Russian football hooligans. Spartak Moscow vs. Lokomotiv Moscow. Spartak hools win, but we need to show respect for mighty fighter in black from Loko team...
Fight Category: Babes
UFC 71: Liddell VS. Jackson
Rampage is out to take Liddell's title and prove his victory over Liddell was not an accident. Liddell wants to retain his title and avenge his loss, which will conclude him avenging all his career losses. Expect this fight to be a battle to the bitter end.
Fight Category: UFC/Pride
Melee in the Street
This is quite the melee in the street. There are even some police officers trying to control one individual while there are still a number of fights going on around them.
Cat fight turns ugly... stabbing!
Two girls go at it in a backyard.... one girl just lays into the other.... tells her she needs to keep her legs closed! Then another girl starts to beet the other! The girl dominating grabs a knife crazy!
Fight Category: Cat Fights
Boyfriend Caught Cheating
Only in New York.... this woman caught her man cheating and is mad as hell. Goodbye laptop. Goodbye TV. Goodbye Man
Fight Category: Fights

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