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Kimbo vs Chico [NEW!]
Hot new Kimbo vs Chico Fight
Emo Fight!
In this emo fight you'll see a repeated attack and response... right punch... right punch counter and repeat. On tactic used but unsuccessful, was a low kick followed by an upper attack. This is usually a good tactic when timed properly and with some accuracy
Cheerleader Brawl
They were arguing over who can lead a better cheer.
After School Boxing Match!
Some girls had a boxing match after school in someones backyard! Ends up going a couple rounds! They really are trying to hurt each other!
Fight Category: Boxing
Worlds best 205 middleweight MMA fighter will fight in Las Vegas for PRIDE Fighting Championships. This is the guy that Chuck Liddell is afraid to fight!
Fight Category: UFC/Pride
Inside the 1 Punch KO
The first video confirming the legend about the one-punch knockout. The strongest punch belongs to no martial art. Rather, the strongest punch is plain old boxing
Fight Category: Fights
Two Chicks Fight in the Park
Two teenage chicks scrap hard in front of a huge crowd in a park.
A Very Good Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Highlight - MMA
New Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Highlight created by me (TCE), a great HL of Rampage, a mixed martial artist (MMA).
True Street Fight
This one is interesting. Young guys fighting in the street, then an older guy steps in and is approached rather aggressively. Could have been dangerous for him. In fact the way the kid approached him.. I would have hit him.
Hockey Mom
It's a good thing this lady doesn't go to her son's boxing matches.
MMA Fighter vs. Kimbo-Protege
This is by far the best bare fist fight ever recorded. The 25lbs ligher Jorge teaches gangster street fighter a serious lesson in technique.
Fight Category: Street Fights
 2 HOTTIES KISSING AT a bar (7336 clicks)
Ghetto Boys Fight
Two Guys Fight In New York.. the rap music in the back and the constant talk about the police make this pretty ghetto! SOme awesome punches in this one!
Fight Category: Street Fights
Super Long Hockey Fight!
Longest Hockey Fight!! Fight lasts for over 2 minutes and both land some major shots. Nice handshake between the two at the end.
Fight Category: Sport Fights
Two Hot Blondes go to blows!
a fight from ally mcbeal. ally and georgia are not friends anymore because ally and billy kissed.
Fight Category: Cat Fights
Two Tough Chicks Beat the Hell Out of Each Other
Hmm, I think I saw this on National Geographic the other day.
Little Superstar 2
Life Lesson: Never wear a necktie when Little Superstar is around.

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