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Big girl fighting small girl
Good fight between small and big women
Crazy Fight Between Huge Dude and Cabbie
A cab drivers armed with a baseball bat fights with a big dude in the middle of a New York street.
Teen Gang Member Gets Owned
Teens fight and one of them gets knocked out,then gets kicked in the head twice.
Cat Fight At Rodeo Houston
These chicks get into a fist fight at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo at the carnival
Little Guys Box
Two small dudes box in park,and the one with the long hair takes a couple of good shots to the face.
Fight Category: Boxing
Big Girls Fight
Big girl beats the hell out of other girl quickly.
Fight Category: Cat Fights
Mad Chick Fight
Two really skinny chicks fight and one of their friends decides to jump in.Really good fight til the interference.
Fight Category: Cat Fights
Indians Box
Teen Indians box in park.One of them gets hit really hard in the mouth and decides to give it up.
Fight Category: Boxing
Black Chicks Scrap In Park
Teen black girls fight til their shirts come off.They punch,pull hair and slap the hell out of each other.
 FEMALE POWER (3481 clicks)
Teens Fight On Playground
Teens beat the hell out of each other on playground.Really ggod and fast paced fight.
Fight Category: Fights
Teens Scrap In Street
Teens beat the crap out of each other in the street,while one of their girlfriends screams for the to break it up.
Fight Category: Street Fights
White Boys Box In Basement
Teen box in basement.They beat the hell out of each other.They are pretty good believe it or not.
Fight Category: Boxing
White Girls Fight On Sidewalk
White teen girls beat the hell out of each other on sidewalk.
Fight Category: Cat Fights
Dude Catches a Brutal Ass Kicking
A couple dudes start fight when one decides hes gonna stop fighting and hit the ground and the other capitalizes.
Crazy Teen Fight In Parking Lot
Big Mexican teen gets his azz whooped by a smaller and much quicker teen.Big guy tries to kick smaller guy and falls,then gets beaten.
White Boys Fight In Field
Really good fight and quick.These two guys fight in a make shift ring,and one of them gets knocked out.

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