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Teens Fight Like Hell
Teens beat the hell out of each other in front yard.Really good fight for amatuers.
Fight Category: Fights
Amatuer MMA Fight
Two guys fight mma style in gym.The one with the shorts on kicks the other ones azz.
Fight Category: MMA
Midget Fight
Two very small teens beat the hell out of each other on the sidewalk while their friends agg them on.
Fight Category: Fights
Small Teens Fight On Playground
Teens beat the hell out of each other on the playground.The one with the rat tail gets his tail whooped.
Fight Category: Fights
Fight Outside In The Snow
Teen fight in the snow.One of them gets eye busted open so he gives up.He holds his own for the first part of the fight but loses his focus due to hard punch.
Pretty crazy street fight
Good video of some guys fing each other up!
Dude on Computer Gets Cheap Beating
A guy just sittin there minding his own business is the victim of a cheap attack.
Pro Wrestler Beats Up Reporter
Whats wrong with you? Thats an open hand slap!
Boxing Knockout
Professional boxer knocks out his opponent within the first minute of the match.Three right hands take him down.
Big Girl vs Small Girl
Big girl gets her azz whooped by a smaller much faster girl.
Black And White Boxing Match
Black and white teens box in a field.Really good match and I think the white teen wins.
Fight Category: Boxing
Backyard Teen Brawl
Teens throw down in the backyard.They fight like hell while their friends watch.
Fight Category: Fights
 2 HOTTIES KISSING AT a bar (7336 clicks)
Girl gets Ambushed and Beatdown
This girl supposably got lured into this house from her "friends" then got the beat down of her life. She was talking trash on Myspace. Hey, I agree the girl in pink is fat, thats fact.
Guy With an Afro Gets Brutally Suckered
Theyre just jealous of his wicked cool afro.
Quick Knockout
Quick knockout in first forty seconds of match.Right hand knocks him flat on his back.
Two Girls Fight at School
Two young girls get into fight on the ground with some rolling around and kicking!

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