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Two Latino Girls Fighting !!
The girl in the grey shirt has a smoking hot body, and she is a great fighter also.
Latino Street Boxing
These two guys beat the sh*t out of each other in the middle of the street with boxing gloves on.
Backyard Wrestler Suffers Broken Leg(warning)
Two teens wrestle in backyard and one of them gets a badly broken leg.
Reporter Hit By Car(warning,disturbing)
Reporter hit by a car while reporting on live t.v.,he some how survives.
Bad Azz Girl Fight
Two bad azz girls beat the hell out of each other in the park.
Crazy Latino Gang Fight
Mexican gang members fight like hell in the streets.Dude gets knocked on his azz then beaten.
Arm Wrestling Arm Break(WARNING,GRAPHIC)
Two guys arm wrestle and one of them gets a broken arm.
A School Girl Making Minced Meat Out Of Another Girl !!
This girl is nasty, I wonder who taught her how to fight !!
Latino Chicks Fight
Female Latino gang members fight like hell in a fight inside a garage.They trade some killer power punches.
Hilarious Olympic Moment
This is Micheal Phelps taunting his opponent.Hilarious video.
Skinhead Beats Woman(WARNING,GRAPHIC)
Skinhead beats the hell out of a woman and no one does anything to help.
Beaten In Parking Lot
Teens fight like hell in a fast food joint parking lot.
Beaten Outside Club
Mexican teen gets stomped out by a crazy group of guys outside of a club.
Russian Police Beat Drunks(WARNING)
Russian cops beat the hell out of two drunks in the middle of the street.
Horrific Leg Break(WARNING,GRAPHIC)
Dudes wrestle in sand pit and one of them gets a nasty broken leg.
Two Way Street Fight
Four guys fighting at the same time.One guy takes two really hard shots that knock him off his feet.

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