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Slammed Hard
Black teens fight and one of them gets slammed very hard on the sidewalk.
Over the Shoulder Knockout
Guy gets owned while his friend is trying to stop him from fighting
Pride Knockouts
One guy gets bodyslammed and knocked out these guys are relentless
Big Girl Throw Down
Big girl whoops the hell out of a much skinnier black girl by the school bus.
Aida A Cute White Girl Gets Manhandled By Black Bitch !!
To bad for Aida. Should spend less time in front of mirror and more time in the gym.
Tattoo Gets Knocked Out
Dude who thinks he is a bad azz gets knocked out by guy whose never fought before.
Fight Stopping Kick
Guy takes one to the head with this cartwheel kick
Two Really Hot Chicks Fighting !!
Both these chicks are smoking hot, particularly the one on the left.
Hot Chick Fights Ugly Bitch !!
Hot Chick owns ugly chick. The fight was pretty nasty and there was a lot of hair pulling.
School Bus Driver Owned
School bus driver gets jumped by a childs parent on the school bus.
Aikido techniques
Badass fighting techniques these guys are very skilled
Small Teen School Fight
Smaller teens fight at school.The black teen never had a chance.
One Hard Punch
Guy looks like hes about to throw up after this punch
David vs Goliath
Teens fight like hell in the grass,bushes,and the street.The bigger teen loses badly.
Guy From Myth Busters Owned
Guy from myth buster gets owned by a tread mill.
Two Hot White Girls Fighting !!
The girl wearing the green top looks particularily lovely

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