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Chick Eats Tomato Worm(warning)
Friends dare friend to eat worm and she does.
Teen Hit With Halogen Bulb
Teen gets hit in the back with a halogen bulb for fun.
Punk Gets Owned
Punk gets his azz whooped badly by a preppy looking teen in a street fight.
Street Fight Between Big Guy Vs Small Guy !!
Great Street Fight
Female Headbuster
Latino chick gets her head busted by one bad azz chick.
Infected Tattoo(WARNING!)
Guy has an infected tattoo and decides to pop it.It is very gross.
Douche Bag In Blue Shirt Gets KOed IN Street Fight
This was a short fight. What a loser. Next time he should fight a girl.
Teen Gang Fight
Two teen gang members beat the hell out of each other ghetto style in the yard.
MSRA Infection On Face(warning)
Chick has nasty infection on face and she pops it.
Hot Toned Black Chicks Pummel Other Black Girl !!
This chick is tough. You could see from the beginning the other girl had no hope in. I have to admit she does have a smoking hot body.
Two Hot Black Girls Savagely Beat Each Other In Street Fight !!
Blacks girls still fight like girl but they fight harder and faster than white girls
Black Girls Fight In Driveway
Two teen black females beat the hell out of each other in the driveway.
Taser Prank
Dude rigs friends chair with taser then shocks him with it.
Girl Fight Between Cute Girl And Troll !
Unfortunately this girl fight does not go well for the cute girl. She ends paying dearly for it with a few bruises to the face and a shattered ego.
Latino Girls Fight
Latino chicks beat the hell out of each other in the park.
Very Gross Cyst Removal(WARNING!!!)
Guy gets cyst on neck popped.Grossest thing you will ever see.

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