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Brutal Street Fight
Two guys fight in the street and exchange some really powerful punches.One of them gets bloodied by a head butt.
Marine Shot In Nuts
Marine gets shot in the nuts during a training exercise.
Little Latino Babes Fighting !!
Pretty nasty fighting between these two saucy latina
Woman Charges The Pope
Woman charges the pope and gets tackled hard by the popes security.
Outrageous Cat Fight
Chick gets her ass whooped so she decides to pull a knife and then really gets her ass whooped.
White vs Black Teen Fight
Black teen beats the hell out of another teen in a brutal fight.
Reporter Can't Say Peanuts
Reporter tries to say peanuts and repeatedly says penis.
Blonde vs Brunette School Chick Fight
A chubby blonde girl decides to beat the hell out of a brunette chick after school one day.
Mexican Street Fight
Two latino kids beat the hell out of each other in a straight up street fight.
Police Car Gets T-Boned
Russian police car gets t-boned and spins around several times.
Two Hot White Girls Fighting !!
Both of them are not bad looking.
Miami Fight
Hot chicks fight in the streets of Miami and one of them takes a serious ass whoopin.
 CRAZY ASS FIGHTS AND Knock-Outs (7185 clicks)
Car Crashes At Car Wash
Woman crashes her car at a car wash and almost takes out innocent workers
Two Girls Fighting In The Classroom !!
These two girls need to be taught a very special lesson
Another saree fight in Indian cinema
Crazy Bashing from bollywood Babe
Girl Fight Compilation
Compilation of women beating the living hell out of each other.

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